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Janeen Ippolito

Cut to the Heart - Autographed Paperback

Cut to the Heart - Autographed Paperback

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All Josie Framer wants is a man with fire magic—and to find the truth-knife that’s rightfully hers.

However, neither of these quests is going well. And now the nefarious Arcane Market is after her. 

To make things worse, she keeps running into Oliver Salamandras, a dangerously attractive fire elemental who’s on the run from his own hunters. If only he wasn’t just what she's looking for--right at the worst possible moment.

Buy now and enjoy a humorous paranormal romance with a side of twisty plot. Features a sensible firebird shifter with a feisty side, a rascally fire elemental with a tragic side, and a completely adorable wolf pup. Clean PG-13 - there's heat, danger, and fighting, but nothing graphic.

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